• When fully developed, Falmouth Center will provide in excess of $3 million annually in tax revenue to the Town.
  • There will be no impact on the school system. However, there will be jobs for our high school and college students.
  • The recent upgrades to Route One will allow the developers to keep the construction off of Route One thereby minimizing any disruption of this busy corridor.
  • Falmouth Center is designed to minimize impact on Route One traffic by placing the entrances across from Bucknam Road and what will be the new off-ramp from the Falmouth Spur.
  • Falmouth Center has been designed in keeping with the lifestyle that Falmouth residents enjoy: We are focused on protection of the natural environment and creating greater access to trails, walking paths, and the outdoors. The developers have lived in Falmouth for over 20 years, raising children and grandchildren here. Our goal is preserve the lifestyle we all love and provide a central location for gathering, activity, and fun.
  • The upcoming roadway and capital improvement projects that the City of Falmouth has planned for Bucknam Road in 2019 will help alleviate existing traffic concerns and improve traffic flow into the Falmouth Center.


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